4 thoughts on “Tatiana3

  1. Petra

    Your image caught my eye and talked to me! I liked your composition a lot and your idea. The use of the colors and patterns in the background just go confirm with the meditation lady. I love to use someone who is meditating with the topic technology and creativity. I feel the same! Did you draw the lady? Her face expression is amazing!

  2. Anil Ramdin

    The composition of this piece is very nice. From the slight borders around the edges, to the placement of the text. Very clean job.

  3. Kimberly Medina

    Although the colors are pastel and not vibrant, it caught my attention. It looks relaxing and just goes with the meditation done by the girl in the middle. I like it very much!

  4. Neli Buri

    This Zine project is beautiful i love the colors, concept, everything just comes together. Great Job!


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