4 thoughts on “ZINE PAGE JULIOG 2

  1. Michael Plamo

    I think this was really creative! I really liked this idea and concept of taking this photo of you at the computer and adding it again as if it was in photoshop, and adding it again as well. The different saturation colors and text fit the whole concept really well! Nicely done!

  2. Heriberto M.

    I how it has that mirror effect, it’s like when I go to the barber shop and since there are mirrors on both sides and when I look at the mirror I see more and more of myself. This was clever I can picture this around NYC, to be honest. “Time is an illusion, creativity is infinite” really does a good job in that the design is

  3. Victoria Leon

    This is a really great concept. I love your use of perspective. The message is simple and impactful. Awesome job!


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