4 thoughts on “Collaborative-ZINE-1-clear

  1. Mohammed Paracha

    This individual piece is my favorite – the person shows how everything he sees can be his inspiration for and through technology. The way the person views everything from his eyes shows his creativity when it comes to capturing the perfect moment through technology.

    1. Ryan Seslow Post author

      “the perfect moment through technology”…. – This quote creates a whole series of visual images/situations for me. Manufactured and synthetic moments, electric moments, Some good, and some not so good! It becomes reflective of the “Terminator” movies, for some reason I think of that! Art is reflective!

  2. anna

    This piece of artwork was very fascinating! I loved that as soon as I opened up the website, it was the first image that I saw and it is very nice.

  3. Jasmine Brown

    This zine is my favorite. At first, it seemed like a serious image on reality and technology. However, as I kept looking I realized that it is comical. The image in the eye reads No Signal. Millennials sometimes find it hard to live without Wifi. I can relate to this because after a day or two without internet, i don’t know what to do. You find yourself having to come back to reality of this world and forget about the world of social media.


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