MMA100 on the BMCC OpenLab

Dear BMCC MMA 100 Students – Please extend your learning receptors and join us as we pilot the BMCC OpenLab platform for our course on this URL below: –

Here you will find the Spring 2019 semester’s course content and information repository. Feel free to contribute and participate! The course website has been made open and public. As alumnus from the previous semesters your experience, insight and various skill sets would be greatly appreciated.

Would you like to share what you are working on this semester? Would you like to share and submit works/projects from a previous semester along with a brief description of the project? Send me an e-mail – rseslow (at)

MMA100 on the CUNY Academic Commons will continue to publish resources simultaneously with the BMCC OpenLab version of the course.

Wishing you all a great semester and much good energy!

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