Week #9

Week #9

**Midterm Project – Full Lab Session & class critique** 

(The example image above is an RGB mode JPEG formatted for screen resolution and the web, however, when you click on the image it directs you to a print ready CMYK formatted PDF).

Specific Communication – Composition, Type, Image & Color – Solving Problems

Project Title – “Collaborative ZINE”

(This will be a cross CUNY campus collaboration project with CUNy York College CT101 Digital Storytelling Students!)

We will have a full lab session to work on and prepare our Mid-term projects this week during our class time tonight on 3/28/18 due to the snow cancellation last week. We will present our final designs in class tonight as well – 3/28/18. (and continued after spring break if we need to as well)

Design Specs  – As per our conversation during our last class session – You have been selected to contribute 2 pages to a collaborative magazine that produces a quarterly publication in both a printed edition and an online digital version. Your submission to the publication will creatively communicate how technology and creativity are powerful tools for inspiration, digital storytelling and design. You have the creative freedom to produce and generate your contributions with full autonomy, however, your final submissions should display an integrated composition of imagery (use of layers and opacity) along with text. (see example above)

Students will have the ability to revise the works after the first critique and submit their updated iterations.

***Size Requirements – 8.5 X 11 inches Vertical

Usage of Imagery – Students should NOT randomly use images that find on the Internet, especially with out proper attribution to its creator. Please refer to our class resources page and work from the numerous repositories of public domain and creative commons sources – go here – https://bmccmma100.commons.gc.cuny.edu/course-resources/

Software Skill Showcase – Over the past 6 weeks we have toggled through learning various techniques and methods working with both adobe photoshop and illustrator. All image related composing and manipulations should be generated in photoshop, saved as a .psd file and placed into a new illustrator document (sized at 8.5 X 11 CMYK color mode) for typesetting and laying down text. (Please do not use photoshop for adding text with this assignment).

Submissions – Students will save all of their work and submit a compressed folder of all of their working files. This will include the original .psd photoshop and .Ai illustrator files – A .pdf saved via illustrator for print (display for class critique on 3/28/18) and one high resolution jpeg. for the digital zine publication on this website. (Convert to smart object and e-mail to me).

***I will give a demonstration on creating the folder and compressing it for submission on 3/28.


YES, you MAY create more than the minimum of two examples that you are being asked to complete! 

2 thoughts on “Week #9

  1. Petra Zion

    Thanks! I got confused to change my work to a JPEG file, because Illustrator changed my work from vertical to horizontal and Photoshop worked, but I´m not sure if I answered all the requests right?
    By the way I found a great free stock photo page which I love to use (also good for videos): https://www.pexels.com/ .


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