Week #6 – Fall 2018

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Part 1 of Class on 10/17 – Finish and Complete Project/ Assignment #3 –

Illustrator Tutorials – Composition, shape building, alignment, form & color. What role does a color palette selection play when its applied to subjective shapes and forms?

(See Example Above – See the original color scheme here)

1. Open Adobe Illustrator and create a new document sized at 11″ X 17″ in print / CMYK color mode. We will be both printing and displaying the final work on screen.

Consider, how will you set your guides to equally balance and format the graphics? Will you use a grid? Do you have a preferred method for layout? Lets explore.

2. Create a new series of subjective graphic Icons following the layout and arrangement above. (Don’t re-create my example) make your own, but follow the composition.

3. Limit yourself to 6 or 7 values of 1 complimentary color scheme. Consider referring to the color wheel for reference!

4. Limit yourself to creating and composing your graphics with no more than 6 shapes created with the pathfinder or the shape builder tool. Begin without using a stroke around your shapes and then apply a stroke for contrast.

5. Save your work as an Ai. file (adobe illustrator) as well as a .pdf – Print your work in .pdf format.

6. E-mail your final PDF. to me – rseslow@bmcc.cuny.edu  ****If your .pdf file is too large to send via e-mail (and it may – you can easily use a free service like – wetransfer.com to send the large document)

Are you looking for Color Theory help on making Complementary color selections?

Adobes awesome Color Wheel Simulator is a must know resource.

GO HERE to Experiment


**Part 2 of class – Mid-Term Project – Discussion, dates and critique.

Lets Design a Poster. Lets bring together the application of typography and imagery.

Museum Exhibit Poster

(examples will be shown in class)

Choose one or more of these styles/movements of art to create a poster using a SELF-Portrait:


Process: Research! Find a series of images and references to work from. Save these images to your project folder. Create your self-portrait in the style of the Art Movement that you chose for a Museum Exhibition. It should be obvious which you picked WITHOUT seeing the title.

Your self-portrait IS the artwork for the Poster campaign you create for the exhibit. You must design the poster in 2 sizes – one landscape and one portrait orientation. I suggest 11”x17” (or smaller)

Your self-portrait must first be drawn in Illustrator and can be brought into Photoshop later for manipulation, like adding blended color, photos or effects. After you illustrate your self-portrait you’ll create a poster for the ex­hibit.

The museum having the exhibit you’ve chosen is: SAM, Seattle Art Museum. Find out more about the institution at this website: https://www.seattleartmuseum.org/visit/seattle-art-museum

For the midterm project just use the logo as it is: (attached as a download link here) *feel free to re-recreate the logo on your own if you wish.

You may use any of the tools in Illustrator we’ve learned or explore and find new ways to draw. You can work from a photo in Illustrator as demonstrated in class. DO THE PORTRAIT FIRST. Then make the poster.

Minimum required copy/text for the poster is:

New Voices Exhibit

Nov 15 thru Nov 30 2018

Opening Nov 17, 7-9pm


*(and the logo of course)

Fonts and colors – are entirely student choice. Students may ADD copy, but may not delete from the minimum above.

Class Work Session and Critique – Full Lab Work Session will be next week 10/24 and part of 10/31 – The Class critique & evaluation for the Project will be on Wednesday 11/7

Examples of Typography in Poster Design 


*** Must See – 1970 – NYC Subway – MTA – Graphics Standards Manual 

What did you think of the NYC Graphics Standard Manual?

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