Week #11 – Fall 2018

Moving forward –>

Typography Assignment – PART 2 (as discussed in class on 11/21 and will continue on 11/28)

We will have a class critique on Wednesday 11/28 – a printed version of this assignment will be presented by each student. You will select two of your designs from Part 1 and print them as a single tabloid page.

Students will create a new 11″X17″ tabloid layout set for print in Adobe Illustrator. (You may use use multiple art boards to create iterations) Students will apply a series of their designs from part 1 into a collaborative magazine for print and the web.

*Student submissions of the completed project:

Student will submit both Part 1 & Part 2 of the project to me via e-mail saved as a .PDF file. Please send to – rseslow@bmcc.cuny.edu no later than Friday 11/30/18

FINAL PROJECT Discussion – Its time to discuss our final project! A class discussion about our final project will take place at the end of our class critique tonight.

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