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Spring 2018 MMA 100 News / Update

Dear BMCC MMA100 Spring 2018 Graphic Design Students,

I hope that this message finds you all well! As the summer begins to winds down I wanted to alert you to a few things:

  1. First and foremost, our awesome class ZINE collaboration with CT101 students from York College is now officially accessible in print and available at the NYPL at their 5th Avenue & 42nd Street location – DeWitt Wallace Periodical Room at the Stephen A. Schwarzman Building . As a public space, all visitors to the NYPL can take out the zine for review. There are two copies reserved and forever archived. I will also be submitting 1 copy of the zine to the BMCC library on campus. I will let you know once it has been cataloged and is ready for viewing. You can also revisit, comment and contribute in reflection to the project by clicking on the graphic below.

Cross CUNY Campus – BMCC & York College Zine Collaboration


2. The fall 2018 semester is upon us! I will be using this website on the CUNY Academic Commons for our class again. This means, that you will be receiving e-mails about class assignments, exercises and resources for the fall 2018 semester. I strongly suggest that you remain a part of our community! There are foundation elements that will be re-emphasized and to your learning and retaining advantage. I hope to see your comments and future contributions! The class will run at the same time and on the same day (Wednesdays – 5:30pm – 9:10pm) in the Fiterman Building – Room 706. Come and visit! Incoming students will learn from your wisdom as you share what you are applying into the field now.

PS – you can always unsubscribe from the e-mail list if you wish and simply come and visit the website for new information!

PSS – I would love to hear from you! Let me know what you are working on!