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Week #5

Week 5 – Organizing files, file formats, screen resolution VS print resolution, Vectors, Rasters and PDFs!

**Need to review Week # 4? Go here.

Assignment #2 – Part 2 – Its time to print your Projects – The Elements of Design & The Principles of Design – Visual Layout & Print Production.

We created new documents in CMYK color mode using Adobe Illustrator last week in class. Do you need to download an example of the Adobe Illustrator Template for the Principles of Design? PDF files are easy to open, print and are editable using Illustrator. Click below and open the pdf in Illustrator.

CLICK HERE for the Template

2/28 – Class exercise :: Illustrator. Creating shapes with the shape builder tool. Working with layers, simplifying and reducing images. Working with color, locating color books and pantone colors.

Video Tutorial – This past week we took a tour of Adobe Illustrator and practiced creating new documents and setting up our art boards for print production, (we will review that this week as well) Let’s take an additional tour with Adobe Wizard – Terry White

10 Things Beginners Want To Know How To Do (subscribe to Terry’s Channel!)


Click on the image to view a print ready pdf file

**In Class Assignment  2/28 – Illustrator Tutorials – Composition, shape building, alignment, form & color. What role does color play applied to shapes and forms?

(See Example Above)

1. Open Adobe Illustrator and create a new document sized at 11″ X 17″ in CMYK color mode. We will be both printing and displaying the final work on screen.

Consider, how will you set your guides to equally balance and format the graphics evenly? Will you use a grid? Do you have a preferred method for layout?

2. Create a new series of subjective graphic Icons following the layout and arrangement above. Don’t re-create my example, make your own, but follow the composition.

3. Limit yourself to 6 or 7 values of 1 complimentary color scheme. Consider referring to the color wheel for reference!

4. Limit yourself to creating and composing your graphics with no more than 6 shapes created with the pathfinder or the shape builder tool. Begin without using a stroke around your shapes and then apply a stroke for contrast.

5. Save your work as an Ai. file (adobe illustrator) as well as a .pdf – Print your work in .pdf format.

6. E-mail your final PDF. to me – rseslow@bmcc.cuny.edu  ****If your file pdf file is too large to send via e-mail (and it may – you can easily use a free service like – wetransfer.com to send the large document)

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An Introduction to Typography & Its History – Letterforms / Designing with Type

Examples of Typography in Poster Design 

*** Must See – 1970NYC Subway – MTA – Graphics Standards Manual