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The Graphic Design for Websites Workshop Resource


“Graphic Design for Websites” is a workshop placing an emphasis on the basic elements and principles of graphic design in relationship to front end web design aesthetics. Students will be exposed to various examples and applications for wordpress based websites (on the CUNY academic commons and beyond). The workshop will also introduce and apply a myriad of Open Education Resources on design, techniques and software. Hands on exercises will be explored. Bring your lap top.

This week I had the honor of creating and presenting a workshop for the CUNY Graduate Center Students in the Digital Initiatives program. As per the workshops description above, we had a blast and covered quite a bit of information! This workshop was designed for students who have limited or no access to Adobe products and software. Have a look!

Please view the presentation as a whole by following this link 

Feel free to share this link! https://netart.commons.gc.cuny.edu/2019/03/19/the-graphic-design-for-websites-workshop/