Week #6

Week #6

Did you miss week #5 or need a re-cap? Go HERE

**Please print and pin up your Elements & Principles of Design assignments (print as pdf. files)** Class critique.

Class Exercise – Continued lab work on last week’s in class assignment on shape, form, variety, color & composition using Illustrator. Click here for a .pdf example.

*Be sure to add your name and course info as seen in the example.

Color Theory Help?

Adobes awesome Color Wheel Simulator – Shared via Petra (Thank You!)

GO HERE to Experiment

Typography Continued: Class video screening – 

Typography in Adobe Illustrator – Screening – Usefulness

Class Discussion – Applying type to Images, fonts, typefaces, composition, formatting and output to print & the Web..

Class project – Poster Design with Type & the Alphabet.

Typefaces and Fonts are built out of shapes and forms. Integrated with color and interesting compositions they become a powerful tool for creative output and the ability to solve design problems through visual communication.

Assignment – Create a new poster design using typography and a balanced composition using each individual letter of the alphabet. The examples above are just a few potential examples. Find and discover your own inspiration and share the URLs in the comments section below. Each student will add 2-3 Urls in the comment section.

Size requirements – 8.5 inches X 11 inches

Typefaces – Limit yourself to no more than 5-6 different fonts and 4 color values.

Things to consider – Layout & balance – Using rulers and grids. Free transformation & typsetting style.


**Midterm Project Discussion –

Specific Communication – Composition, Type, Image & Color – Solving Problems

Next week is the mid point of the semester! Wow! Lets discuss our Mid-term project and up coming critique. We will have a full lab session to work on and prepare our Mid-term projects.


Video Screening – John Maeda

Who is John Maeda and why is he Important in Design? 

Talk on Design – Circa 2008 & 2012

8 thoughts on “Week #6

  1. Jordan Fender

    I really liked Will Paterson’s tutorial on all the shortcuts on illustrator regarding typography. Everything he showed seemed so simple and fun to play around with. I also liked that he included the keyboard actions visually at the bottom of the video so you could see what he was doing. That’s a neat touch I haven’t seen before.

  2. Jordan Fender

    Also- Dang, Petra, that color wheel is awesome! I love how you can really fine tune things how you want them in a very up close/magnified and easy manner and then copy and paste the color id straight from the webpage. I will definitely be using this in the future. Thanks for sharing!

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  4. Petra Zion

    The short videos about typography and more topics are amazing! I love how short they are and still full with information and I have to admit typography is my weakness even though I love to see it.


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