Week # 9 – Fall 2018 – Midterm Critique, Type & Fonts

(This post card Ad is only a simulation, not an actual event)


I will give a demonstration on how to print your Mid-Term projects from Illustrator when you arrive to class. Mid-term projects will be saved as a .PDF file from Illustrator and e-mailed to me – rseslow@bmcc.cuny.edu – Mid-term projects will also be exported for the web and saved as a high resolution JPEG file. These files will also be e-mailed to me.

**Mid-term projects are both vertical and horizontal files sized at 11″X17″.

We will be critiquing all completed student work during this class session. All students will participate in the critique. The visual critique is NOT a work session using the computers.


Project #5 – Class Discussion & Assignment – Applying type to Images, fonts, typefaces, composition, formatting and output for print & the web..

Typefaces and Fonts are built out of shapes and forms. Integrated with color and interesting compositions they become a powerful tool for creative output and the ability to solve design problems through visual communication.

Assignment – Poster Design with Type & the Alphabet. Create 2 new poster designs using typography in adobe illustrator. Students will generate both a balanced and unconventional composition using each individual letter of the alphabet. The examples above are just a few potential examples of style, simplicity and efficiency. A demonstration will be given in class.

Size requirements – 8.5 inches X 11 inches

Typefaces – Limit yourself to no more than 2-3 different fonts and 4 color values.

Step 1 – Find and discover your own inspiration and share the URLs in the comments section below. Each student will add 2-3 URLS of their inspiration in the comment section before starting this assignment.

Things to consider – Layout & balance – Using rulers and grids. Free transformation & typesetting style.



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