Week #10 – Fall 2018

Project #5 – Class Discussion & Assignment – Applying type to Images, fonts, typefaces, composition, formatting and output for print & the web..

Typefaces and Fonts are built out of shapes and forms. Integrated with color and interesting compositions they become a powerful tool for creative output and the ability to solve design problems through visual communication.


PART 1 –

Assignment – Poster Design with Type & the Alphabet. Create 3 (YES – three variations)  a new poster design series using and applying balanced typography in adobe illustrator. Students will generate and demonstrate both a balanced and unconventional composition using each individual letter of the alphabet. (A-Z) The examples above are just a few potential ways to display style, simplicity, order and efficiency. A demonstration will be given in class.

Size requirements – 8.5 inches X 11 inches (or larger – 11″ x 14″)

Typefaces – Limit yourself to no more than 2-3 different fonts and 4 color values.

Step 1Find and discover your own inspiration and share the URLs in the comments section below. Each student will add 2-3 URLS of their inspiration in the comment section before starting this assignment.

Things to consider – Layout & balance – Using rulers, guides and grids. Free transformation & typesetting style.

*COMPOSITION and command over the picture plane and its chosen dimensions.

PART 2 – (as discussed in class on 11/21 and will continue on 11/28)

Students will create a new 11″X17″ tabloid layout set for print in Adobe Illustrator. Students will apply a series of their designs from part 1 into a collaborative magazine for print and the web.

Video Resources to explore:


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