Week #3 – Fall 2018

Welcome to Week #3 – FALL 2018

Did you miss the class content from Week #1 or Week #2? Remember, this website is the main hub where all of the class assignments, updates, tutorials and resources are hosted. Please make sure that you are checking it during class as well as outside of class to keep up.

During Week #2 we jumped into our first project and tutorial getting acquainted with the Apple/Mac computers. We discussed our work stations and being responsible for our files, data and backing up everything we do in class. Google drive, dropbox, icloud, wetransfer.com and using external / flash drives are all options that we went over. We will dedicate the last 10 minutes of our class time making sure we leave the lab with all of our data.

The DESIGN Process – Here is a great pdf. about the design process we began discussing. The brief covers – the step by step breakdown of what a designer experience during a projects timeline from beginning to full completion of a project. (click the image to view and download the pdf)

We learned how to launch Adobe Photoshop, create files for both print and web use, the differences between RGB & CMYK file formats. We will continue this discussion this week in class. We discussed the layers panel and how layers work. We also dug into a tutorial with the Pen Tool and how to cut out shapes and forms from existing images. We learned how to convert them from paths to selections and place them into new and existing files. As you learned, working with the pen tool takes a lot of practice. We will also be working with the pen tool in Adobe illustrator this semester (soon).

This video below is a good resource to help you practice. Practice using the pen tool to create graphic assets for your projects. We also discussed how to save photoshop files and various file formats.

POST CARD – Project #1 will be worked on, completed and assessed this week in class. In class #2 we looked at several examples of student sketches, thumbnails and roughs as they developed ideas around the Post Card Project (the project description can be found at the bottom of this post)

Are you looking for a photoshop psd. file / template-example to format and submit your postcard assignment? (feel free to edit and change the layers as you need to) Go here –https://www.dropbox.com/s/a3jphf67h1h9fow/Post%20Card%20Template.psd?dl=0

You will need to display both sides of the postcard in one single document. Front & Back.

**All Students will e-mail their finished Postcard assignment to me as a jpg. file -rseslow@bmmc.cuny.edu or ryan@ryanseslow.com by Friday 9/28 at 5:30pm

Design / Designer Inspiration – Who is Aaron Draplin??

Logos by Aaron Draplin

Designer Inspiration? Who’s who in the field?

50 Graphic Designers We all Should Know About 


Project # 2 will be introduced and revolve around the Elements & Principles of Design: 

The Elements & Principles of Design are the governing vocabulary that define, illustrate and communicate how Graphic Design functions all around us. We will start with the Elements.

Color – typically known as hue. This word represents a specific color or light wavelength found in the color spectrum, ranging circularly from red to yellow, green, blue and back to red.

Line – is a line just a series of points? Or is it the best way to get from point “A” to point “B”? As a geometric conception, a line is a point in motion, with only one dimension – length. Line has both a position and a direction in space. The variables of line are: size, shape, position, direction, number, interval and density. Points create lines, lines create shapes or planes and volume.

Mass – Here, mass is interchangeable with volume. A mass is a solid body or a grouping of visual elements (line, color, texture, etc.) that compose a solid form. Volume is a three-dimensional form comprising length, width, and depth. Three-dimensional forms contain points (vertices), lines (edges), and planes (surfaces). A mass is the two-dimensional appearance of a three-dimensional form.

Movement – Also known as motion. This element portrays the act or process of changing place or direction, orientation, and/or position through the visual illustration of starting or stopping points, blurring of action, etc. This is not animation, although animation is an end product of movement, as well as other elements of design.

Space – A two-or three-dimensional element defined by other elements of design.

Texture – A technique used in two-dimensional design to replicate three-dimensional surfaces through various drawing and media techniques. On three-dimensional surfaces, it is experienced by touch or by visual experience.

Type – Also known as typography, and it is considered an element in graphic design. Although it consists of elements of design, it is – in itself – often an element in the form of visual communication.

Value – Another word for the lightness or darkness of an area. Brightness measured in relationship to a graded scale from white to black.

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